Friends Of Chugach Flyer

There are currently 22 different reality shows being filmed in Alaska. We decided to make it 23.

Follow the adventures of four snow riders who are all old friends and just plain old—well, at least middle aged. When it comes to playing in the snow, Jay Irwin, Bill Kellogg, Jim Lein, and Bill Feist refuse to act their ages. When they hit the road seeking out the steep and deep, there’s no need for forced drama or staged scenes because, when they get together, crazy stuff just happens.

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Chugach Flyer has partnered with Trickster Co. to make available special edition snowboards and graphics designs Made In Alaska.

About Trickster Company:
Trickster Company promotes innovative indigenous design. We focus on the Northwest Coast art and explore themes and issues in Native culture. We strive to represent a prestigious lineage of art in fresh and energetic ways as a celebration of Northwest Coast culture as it lives today.

Trickster Company was founded by Rico Lanáat’ Worl, a Tlingit/Athabascan formline designer. His work explores living with traditional values today. He also is an active advocate of diversity in community and works to promote diversity in civic engagement.

See their website at: